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Neoprene Rubber

Neoprene Sheet


neoprene rubber sheets commonly used in industrial environments that need a durable rubber material.  we can cut custom or standard size neoprene rubber sheet.

Neoprene strips


neoprene rubber strips are used for gaskets, seals and padding for many types of industrial and commercial uses.  WE CAN CUT CUSTOM OR STANDARD SIZE NEOPRENE RUBBER Strip.

neoprene rolls


neoprene rubber rolls are available in 40 to 70 durometer.  all neoprene rubber rolls are in stock ready to ship.  look at our price list and buy your neoprene rubber roll now.

cloth inserted neoprene


cloth inserted reinforced neoprene rubber is the best choice when needing a high strength rubber material.  WE CAN CUT CUSTOM OR STANDARD SIZE reinforced NEOPRENE RUBBER.

Neoprene Rubber      

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aka chloroprene

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  • resistance to oils
  • good tensile strength
  • flexible rubber
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